Cruise Route Tickers

Making your cruise route countdown ticker

Type in a title (eg Carnival Miracle 4 Apr 15), a sail date in mm/dd/yyyy format (eg 15/04/2015) and an 'until' message (eg our honeymoon cruise). Uncheck 'Extra space......' if you do not want extra header and footer areas for your titles.

Enter a cruise id from a cruise currently on our website - You can find out the cruise id by hovering over the relevant cruise map in the Cruise Details listing - the cruise id is the number in brackets. (Eg For Carnival Miracle ex Los Angeles 4 Apr 2015 the cruise id is 10402).

Finally click on the Make button to make your ticker. Enjoy!


Sail date (mm/dd/yyyy)

??? days until

Extra space top and bottom for titles

Cruise id to use