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Kiel Canal Shore Excursions

Kiel Canal Map Kiel Canal Map The Kiel canal, 60 miles (96km) long, links the North Sea at Brunsbüttel to the Baltic Sea at Kiel-Holtenau. Approximately 250 nautical miles (460 km) is saved by traversing the Kiel Canal rather than navigating around the Jutland Peninsula.

Brunsbüttel Locks Brunsbüttel Locks The Brunsbüttel locks link the River Elbe estuary on the North Sea to the Kiel canal. The canal actually crosses the Jutland peninsula at sea level - the locks at either end serve to neutralize the tidal flows of the sea water.

Kiel Canal Traverse Kiel Canal Traverse The picturesque canal winds through mostly verdant countryside. The entire length of the canal is free of a single lock. A cruise ship will typically take 8 hours for the traverse.

Kiel-Holtenau Locks Kiel-Holtenau Locks The Kiel-Holtenau locks connect the canal to the Baltic sea.

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