Cruises To Fort de France, Martinique

Fort de France, Martinique Costa Magica at Fort-de-France, Martinique. Cruise ships generally dock at the Pointe Simon cruise terminal, a short walk from the town center. Alternatively ships may dock at the Quai des Tourelles, a 15 minute walk from downtown.

Where do cruise ships dock in Fort de France (or tender) @ googlemaps  Pointe Simon Cruise Terminal    Quai des Tourelles

Fort de France Shore Excursions

Fort De France Walking Tour doorstep attraction (easy walk or less than 5mile-8km taxi/bus ride from port) Fort De France Walking Tour Highlights of a Fort De France Waling Tour include Fort Saint-Louis, a fortress built during the reign of Louis XIII (but closed to the public), St Louis Cathedral, built in 1895 with an ornate bell tower, Bibliotheque Schoelche, constructed in Paris for the Exposition of 1889, then moved brick-by-brick to Martinique to be rebuilt in 1893, and La Savane Gardens, home to the headless statue of Josephine Bonaparte. Don’t forget to take a break during your tour to enjoy the local specialty, fresh sugarcane juice (‘jus de canne’). A blue painted sidewalk takes you from the Tourelles cruise ship pier around the dock along some busy roads to the Savane Gardens.

Plage de la Francaise doorstep attraction (easy walk or less than 5mile-8km taxi/bus ride from port) Plage de la Francaise The nearest beach to the cruise port is the Plage de la Francaise, which nestles under the battlements of Fort Louis. Ideal for an easy day without traveling to far from the ship.

Anse-Mitan Anse-Mitan Anse-Mitan is a picture perfect Martinique beach, reachable by a 20 minute boat ride across the bay. There’s a regular ferry service from the pier next to the Pointe Simon cruise terminal. The beach is perfect for sunbathing and swimming, and you'll find sunloungers and umbrellas for hire. Behind the beach there are lots or bars/cafes, perfect for a light midday lunch. If you are looking for a quieter beach, stay on the ferry after Anse-Mitan and alight at the next stop Anse-a-l'Ane, a beautiful beach with a more natural feel.

Dillon Distillery doorstep attraction (easy walk or less than 5mile-8km taxi/bus ride from port) Dillon Distillery A short taxi drive away from the cruise ship pier you’ll find the Dillon Distillery where after watching a educative slide show, you’ll be served a selection of various Dillon rums. Open weekdays only.

Balata Gardens Balata Gardens A shore excursion favorite, the Balata Gardens boasts a huge variety of tropical plants and hundreds of species of palm trees. A new visitor attraction is a treetop trail, allowing you to see the tree canopy up close. Balata Gardens is seven miles north from Fort-de-France.

Legend doorstep graphic  a shore excursion conveniently close to the port.