Port of Call Akaroa, New Zealand

Akaroa, New Zealand Panorama of Akaroa, New Zealand. Cruise ships anchor offshore, and tender passengers into Akaroa pier.
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Akaroa Shore Excursions

Walking Tour doorstep attraction (easy walk or less than 5mile-8km taxi/bus ride from port) Walking Tour Akoroa is the only French-founded town in New Zealand, and its heritage is evident all about, with French-named streets, colonial architecture, and restaurants serving great French food. A Walking Tour is a great way to experience the character and feel of the town. Interesting sites to visit include the Langlois-Eteveneaux Cottage, furnished in original 19th century style, the Custom House, a wood and sod line building dating from the 1850s, the Lighthouse, relocated to its current position in 1980, and the Gaiety Hall, a public meeting-place built by the Oddfellows society in 1879.

Akaroa Bay Cruise doorstep attraction (easy walk or less than 5mile-8km taxi/bus ride from port) Akaroa Bay Cruise Formed by an ancient volcanic crater, Akaroa harbor is home to an amazingly diverse population of marine life, so an Akaroa Bay Cruise is a popular excursion. Top of the billing is a close-up encounter with the 4ft (1.3m) long (the world’s smallest) dolphin, the Hector dolphin, found only in New Zealand waters.

Le Mini Golf doorstep attraction (easy walk or less than 5mile-8km taxi/bus ride from port) Le Mini Golf Crazy golf enthusiasts will love the amazing Le Mini Golf course, set in a very picturesque stream side setting landscaped with New Zealand native palms and grasses. There are 18 holes with an imaginative collection of obstacles. After completing your round, stop at the friendly café for a snack.

Christchurch Christchurch Christchurch is the largest city on New Zealand’s south island. The city suffered from a series of catastrophic earthquakes in the years 2010-2012 resulting in the need to rebuild over a third of the buildings in the CBD. Today the city is ‘back in business’ and the visitor can enjoy numerous sights and attractions. Activities for a one-day tour could be investigating the Canterbury museum, punting on the Avon River, strolling round the Botanic Gardens, and shopping at the lively Restart Mall. Christchurch is 50 miles (80km) away from Akaroa, and an ‘On Your Own’ transport option is often available.

Tranz Alpine Express Tranz Alpine Express The spectacular Tranz Alpine Express train travels through the heart of New Zealand’s mighty Southern Alps. It makes for a long but satisfying excursion from Akaroa. A typical tour will take you by coach to Arthur’s Pass in the heart of the Alps (140miles/220km from Akaroa), here you board a comfortable carriage complete with viewing platform. From Arthur’s Pass the train takes 4 hours to wind its way down through the mountains to the Canterbury plain, travelling through 18 tunnels, and across 4 huge viaducts. You’ll alight from the train at Rolleston junction, and travel back to Akaroa (50 miles/80km).

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