Cruises From Venice, Italy

Cruise ships leaving from or visiting  Venice now dock at Port Marghera , a container port 2 miles east of Venice itself Cruise ships leaving from or visiting Venice now dock at Port Marghera , a container port 2 miles east of Venice itself.

Venice, Queen of the Adriatic

Venice is a major cruise ship hubs in the Mediterranean, with over a thousand cruise ship movements, and a million cruise passengers per year.

Venice port is not directly on the Mediterranean, but is located in the Venetian Lagoon, this is joined to the Adriatic by a narrow channel called the Porto di Lido.

Venice is host to many cruise companies, including MSC, Royal Caribbean, Carnival and Norwegian Cruise Lines. Between them, the cruise-lines offer a tremendous choice of cruises from Venice.

cruises from venice

Cruises From Venice
Cruises from Venice generally focus on three areas, the Adriatic, with the beautiful coastline of Croatia and Montenegro, the Aegean, with the spectacular Greek Islands, and the Eastern Mediterranean, with gateway ports to the Holy Land.

Things To Do Near Venice Cruise Port

In choosing a cruise from Venice, you have already treated yourself to visiting the most spectacular and beautiful city in the world. So ensure you allow at least two to three days somewhere in your busy vacation schedule to enjoy wonderful Venice. The most famous of Venice’s buildings are those clustered around St Marks Square, the Basilica, the Doge’s Palace, and the Campanile. All threes were began in the late tenth century, and in the next three hundred years the buildings all underwent numerous improvements and redevelopments.

Here you can find the famous Pala d’Oro, an altarpiece of solid gold encrusted with precious gems. It was made by Byzantine goldsmiths as long ago as 976.

Doge's Palace
Next to the Basilica stands the Doge's palace. Marvel at the great Council Hall, and the plaques of the first 76 Doges (except Doge number 55 whose painting was erased, for plotting a coup). Also don’t miss the soulful Bridge of Sighs, the last crossing-place for criminals from the palace into the prison cells (and often onto an untimely death).

The third great building is the Campanile, built in 912. (The original building actually collapsed unexpectedly in 1902, but the rebuild incorporated most of the old building materials). From the top there are magnificent views across the city.

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