Cruises From Boston, Massachusetts

Cruise Ship leaving Black Falcon Cruise Terminal, Boston Cruise Ship leaving Black Falcon Cruise Terminal, Boston

Boston, Birthplace of the American Revolution

Located by a natural deep water anchorage on the north east coastline of America, Boston is one of the oldest cities in the US.

The city has a long and colorful history. In March 1630 a fleet of 12 ships carrying 700 Puritans sailed into Massachusetts Bay after a 3 month crossing from England. The new arrivals established a town, naming it Boston after Boston in the county of Lincolnshire. In the next century, during the 1770’s, Boston was a hotbed of anti-British feeling. The renowned Boston Tea Party, when men in Indian clothes boarded English ships in the harbor and hurled the cargo of tea overboard, was a forerunner of the Revolutionary War. In the 19th century Boston prospered with the construction of railways, improved roads and new canals. Labor shortages in the leather goods and clothing industries were relieved by immigration.

Today Boston has strengthened its place as the leading city of New England, a magnet for bio-tech, art, trade and education. The city's cruise port is now in the top 20 busiest US cruise ports greeting more than 90,000 cruise passengers annually. The number of cruises from Boston on offer each year is over seventy.

Cruise Ship Terminal

Boston's Black Falcon Cruise Terminal (now officially named The Flynn Cruiseport Boston at The Black Falcon Terminal - in honor of Raymond L Flynn, US ambassador to the Vatican and the former Boston mayor) is sited in the South Boston Waterfront district, just two miles from downtown. A large disused building, before utilized by the South Boston US Naval Annex, was converted into the cruise terminal in 1986. In 2010 an ambitious $11 million refurbishment of the terminal created double the usable space on the top floor to enable the simultaneous handling of both embarking and disembarking passengers. Services at the terminal include large seating areas, check-in desks, security screening, restrooms, and a taxi rank.

Cruise parking is offered at the BRA-EDIC garage, close to the terminal, which is monitored 24hrs a day by security. There's also a cell phone waiting lot at Fid Kennedy Avenue, convenient if you are collecting passengers arriving back after a cruise.

cruises from Boston

Cruises From Boston

The classic Boston cruise is the falltime New England/Canada cruise following the northeastern seaboard of the United States and Canada. Typical shore activities include seeing the amazing Reversing Falls in Saint John, transporting yourself back in time at Louisbourg Fortress near Sydney, hiking along the charming shore path at Bar Harbor and indulging your inner child with a visit to Green Gables Heritage Place near Charlottetown.

Another popular cruise is the sail down south to lovely Bermuda, ideal for taking it easy on a picture perfect white sand beach.

Things To Do Near Boston Cruise Port

Freedom Trail
The Freedom Trail tours a historic collection of meeting rooms, parks, a battleship, houses and cemeteries, recounting the story of the tumultuous years of the American Revolution. Highlights of the tour include Faneuil Hall, with its famous 2nd floor assembly hall, Paul Revere House, Boston’s oldest still standing building, Boston Common, America’s first public park, USS Constitution, known as Old Ironsides and Boston Latin School, the first public school in Boston. The Freedom Trail Foundation organizes tours led by a costumed guide acting the role of a citizen of Boston in revolutionary times.

Boston Public Garden
Boston Public Garden, located along Beacon Street close by Boston Common, has the distinction of being the nation's first botanical garden. At the Lagoon don’t miss the Swan Boats, a popular Boston tourist draw, which began operating as far back as 1877. In summer the boats are often joined by a flock of beautiful real swans.

Paul Revere’s House
The Paul Revere House, the oldest building in central Boston, is a national historic landmark. During the night of April 18, 1775, Paul Revere slipped out of this small wooden home to embark on a hazardous journey that would turn him into a legend. The house was carefully restored in 1908 to closely resemble its late 17th century look, with original flooring, rafters and fireplaces. The house has a shop offering Paul Revere reproductions, books, souvenirs and cards.

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
The Museum of Fine Arts houses one of the biggest collections of art in the United States, with over 400,000 works of art displayed over four floors. One of the highlights at the MFA is Paul Revere’s Sons of Liberty Bowl, engraved with the names of the members of the revolutionary ‘Sons Of Liberty’ organization. The museum has 4 places to eat - the New American Café, the Taste café/wine bar, the Garden Cafeteria and the Bravo restaurant.

USS Constitution
USS Constitution, one of six new warships whose construction was authorized by the 1794 Naval Armament Act, has served for more than 200 years in the United States Navy. In the War of 1812 between the US and Great Britain, the ship had four important victories capturing the English ships HMS Cyane, HMS Levant, HMS Guerriere and HMS Java. The ship’s crew of 60 sailors participate in special events and also keep the ship open to the public.

Traveling To The Cruise Port

By Car
From the North
On the I93, inside the Thomas P O'Neill Jr Tunnel, take exit #23 signed Purchase Street. At the top of the exit ramp make a left onto Seaport Blvd signed S Boston Waterfront. Turn right to join D street. Turn left onto Summer St. Carry on as described below in the paragraph ‘From Summer St’.
From the South
Follow the I-93 north to Boston. Leave at exit #20 signed I-90 Logan Airport/South Station. Keep following the signs to South Boston. Turn slight right onto Congress Street. Turn rightwards right onto D street. Make a left onto Summer St. Carry on as described below in the paragraph ‘From Summer St’.
From the West
Follow the Mass Turnpike head in the direction of the Airport. Take exit #25 signed South Boston. Continue straight onto Massport Haul Road. Make a right onto Pumphouse Road. Turn left onto Summer St. Carry on as described below in the paragraph ‘From Summer St’.
From Summer St
Turn left onto Drydock Avenue into the Boston Marine Industrial Park, with a sign for the Cruise Terminal. Ahead on the left hand side is the entrance to the BRA-EDIC garage for passenger parking, at 12 Drydock Avenue.

From the Airport
Boston's Logan International Airport serves a multitude of routes making it a good option for many passengers on cruises from Boston. Taking a cab is the easiest way to make the short 2 mile journey between the airport and the cruise terminal.

Cruise Port Map (click on image for larger image)

Boston Cruise Port Map

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