Port of Call  Stavanger, Norway

Stavanger, Norway

Seven Seas Voyager moored in Stavanger harbor, Norway. Cruise ships dock at the Strandkaien quay (west side ) or the Skagenkaien quay (east side) of Stavanger harbor (called Vågen). Both are within easy walking distance of the city sights.

Stavanger Shore Excursions

Gamle Stanger (Old Stavanger)

Gamle Stanger (Old Stavanger)

After World War II, there were plans to replace the old wooden buildings of the city center with modern concrete constructions. One small area of pre-war Stavanger was saved however, Gamle Stanger, the area just behind the Strandkaien cruise ship quay. Wander along the winding cobbled streets bordered by picturesque wooden houses to experience a little Norwegian history. To enliven your visit stop at one of the many galleries, artist workshops or boutique shops, then stop at a friendly café for a break.

Norwegian Canning Museum

Norwegian Canning Museum

At the heart of Gamle Stanger you’ll find the Norwegian Canning Museum where you can still see the factory methods involved in producing canned brisling (sprat) and herring. On Tuesdays and Thursdays the smoking ovens are lit, and you can taste smoked brisling straight from the oven.

Valberg Tower

Valberg Tower

Valberg Tower is the old watch tower, now museum, at the summit of the hill behind the Skagenkaien quay. From the top there’s a lovely view over the town and the sea. Also check out the tower’s Valbergtårnet Galleri, a showplace for handicrafts and arts from the local area.

Norwegian Petroleum Museum

Norwegian Petroleum Museum

The Norwegian Petroleum Museum shows how oil and natural gas are extracted from under the North Sea. The museum is very entertaining, with fascinating audio-visual presentations, several hands-on interactive exhibits, plus a simulated mini oil-platform located just offshore.

Pulpit Rock

Pulpit Rock

Pulpit Rock (or Preikestolen) is a huge prow of granite 1982ft (604m) high which overhangs Lysefjord Fjord. It forms such a precipitous drop that it’s often base jumped, (though there’s nowhere to land below except the freezing fjord). The tourist can see a distant view of this amazing rock formation from the fjord below by taking a boat tour to Lysefjord. These leave Stavanger from Skagenkaien quay, and take about 3 hours for the round trip. Though be warned that your cruise may actually spend a day in Lysefjord, as it’s the southernmost and most accessible major fjord in Norway. Alternatively, if your call is 10 hours or more, and you’re a fast walker, you’ve enough time to fit in the hike to the top. The trail starts from the Preikestolen Fjellstue lodge, a ferry and bus ride from Stavanger. Pulpit Rock is located 16 miles due east of Stavanger (as the crow flies), on the north shore of Lysefjord.

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