Port of Call Savona, Italy

Savona, Italy View of Savona, Italy from Costa Magica moored at the Palacrociere cruise terminal.
Savona Shore Excursions

Old Port Old Port Standing guard over the Old Port stands the 14th century watchtower Torre Leon Pancaldo. The tower is named after Leon Pancaldo, an expert ship’s navigator who sailed with Magellan on the historic first voyage around Cape Horn. The waterfront either side of the tower is very popular, and there are lots of attractive restaurants and pizzerias ideal for a short break. Behind the old port you can wander through the picturesque old city to reach the pedestrianized Corso Italia, a popular shopping street.

Fortezza Priamar Fortezza Priamar In the early part of the 16th century the Genoese captured Savona, and to reinforce their hold on the city, built the impressive Fortezza Priamar, which overlooks the port of one side, and the Mediterranean sea on the other. Today the citadel holds the interesting Museum of Archaelogy which features items recovered from the early years of the Fortress’s history. The Fortess is located half-a-mile south-west of the port.

Pinacoteca Civica Pinacoteca Civica Housed in Palazzo Gavotte by the Piazza Chabrol, the Pinacoteca Civica is home to a notable collection of pictures, sculpture, carvings, pottery and ceramics. Especially interesting is the collection of pottery which includes apothecary jars and items from the St Paul hospital, dating to the 17th century. Pinacoteca Civica is a short walk inland from the port.

Proloungamento A Mare Beach Proloungamento A Mare Beach Savona boasts 4 sandy beaches, with a total length of 4km, and all are clean and well-maintained. Prolungamento A Mare Beach is closest to the port (about half-a-mile away, just to the south of the Il Priamar fortress), and makes a convenient place to while away a couple of hours sunbathing or swimming.

Proloungamento A Mare Park Proloungamento A Mare Park Behind Proloungamento beach lies Prolungamento A Mare park, a pretty urban green space with lots of shade, several benches and a kids’ playground. Between the beach and the park there’s a wide promenade, running all the way from Garibaldi’s statue to the next beach. It’s a pleasant walk offering panoramic views over the sea.

Location @ googlemaps  Palacrociere Cruise Terminal

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