Port of Call Kotor, Montenegro

Kotor, Montenegro An MSC cruise ship docked at Kotor, Montenegro. Kotor is a small characterful Medieval town nestled under steep cliffs. The town’s stunning setting is often described by the phrase ‘Mediterranean Fjord’.
Kotor Shore Excursions

Sea Gate (or Main Gate) Sea Gate (or Main Gate) The Sea Gate is the nearest of the old town’s 3 main gates to the cruise dock; about a 5 minute stroll away. Forming part of the magnificent city walls the gate dates back to the 16th century, and provides easy access to Kotor old town.

Square of Arms and Clock Tower Square of Arms and Clock Tower Just inside the Sea Gate stands the Square of Arms, Kotor’s biggest city square. It’s name hails from Venetian times, when munitions were made and stored here. Around the square stand some of Kotor’s most magnificent buildings, including the Arsenal building, the Napoleon theater and the imposing 16th century Clock Tower.

St Tryphon Cathedral St Tryphon Cathedral Venturing further into atmospheric old-town, you’ll reach the Cathedral of St Tryphon, built in 1166 and a beautiful example of Romanesque architecture. See a silver-plated case filled with the relics of St Tryphon and 14th-century frescoes in the Treasury.

San Giovanni (or St John) Fortress San Giovanni (or St John) Fortress The spectacular old city walls do not just protect the city from the sea, but also climb over 850ft up the hill behind the city to protect from attack by land. Overall the walls measure some 4.5km in length and are in places up to 50ft high and 40ft wide. The fit and energetic can make the strenuous climb to San Giovanni Fortress, which marks the high point of the wall. Start from the north east corner of the old city, follow the zig-zag path up the hill, passing the Church of Our Lady of Health, to finally reach the tiny St Ivan chapel and the nearby Fortress.

Kotor Beach Kotor Beach Around a 5 minute walk north of Old Town there’s a shingle beach, ideal for some down time. Go for a swim surrounded by the lovely scenery, then relax at the small beach bar.

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