Port of Call  Kos, Greece

Kos, Greece

Costa Atlantica moored at Kos, Greece. Cruise ships dock at the outer pier. It's a short walk along the inner harbor to the town center, or alternatively along the eastern side of the Knight's fort to the tourist information office.

Kos Shore Excursions

Castle of Neratzia

Castle of Neratzia

The Castle of Neratzia (or Knight's castle) was built in the 15th century by the Knights Hospitaller to help control of the sea route between Kos and ancient Halicarnassus. The fort is a stone's throw from the cruise ship dock. Open mornings Tuesday through Sunday.

Hippocrates Tree

Hippocrates Tree

You'll find the Hippocrates Tree next to the entrance of the castle. In ancient Greek times the great physician Hippocrates lectured students in the shade of the tree.

Town Beach

Town Beach

Kos Town beach, the stretch of pebbles which fronts the Tourist Information office, is an enjoyable place to sunbathe and swim after a day's sightseeing.



3.5 km west of Kos, nestling in wooded foothills, stand the impressive ruins of the Asklepion, a hospital from classical times. The site is divided into three huge terraces, linked by stone staircases. The upper and lower terraces contained patient wards, and the middle terrace boasted a series of temples. The blue Trolley bus, which leaves from the bus stop next to the tourist information office, offers an hourly (but very bumpy) service to the ruins.

Thermal Beach

Thermal Beach

Thermal Beach or Center Therma is a hugely enjoyable outing on the coast near Kos town. Thermal waters flow from the base of the cliffs into the sea, and a small circle of stones keeps the water by the beach very hot. Swim into the sea away from the stones to marvel at hundreds of bubble streams emitted from sulphurous vents in the sea floor. Bus number 5, which again leaves from the stop next to the tourist information office, serves the beach. (But some no 5s stop short of the beach, so only take a no 5 that says 'Center Therma' on the front).

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