Port of Call  Capri, Italy

Capri, Italy

The harbor at Capri, Italy

Capri Shore Excursions

Capri Town

Capri Town

An energy-saving funicular train whisks you from the port at Marina Grande up to charming Capri Town. Alternatively you can head up on foot – a path does a good job of short cutting many of the hairpin bends taken by the road. The top station of the funicular discharges you straight onto lively Piazza Umberto, the hub of the town. All around you’ll find up-market shops, smart restaurants, and hip bars. (Ed’s note – I particularly liked the way the restaurants, rather than showing pictures of dishes from the menu, as is customary in many parts of touristy Italy, displayed pictures of the celebrities that had eaten there!)

Blue Grotto

Blue Grotto

Climb on a small rowing boat and be taken into the magical Blue Grotto, a natural cave tucked under the sea cliffs which is filled by an iridescent deep blue light. Regular motor launches leave from Marina Grande, offering guided tours. The best time to visit is on a sunny day around lunchtime, when the light in the cave is at its bluest. If you're prone to motion-sickness on a small boat, be sure to take a sea-sick tablet before your tour.

Villa Jovis

Villa Jovis

An enjoyable walk uphill along one of Capri’s quaint half-sized streets, Viale Amedeo Maturi, takes you to Villa Jovis, perched on the top of the summit of Mount Tiberio. (Signs are easy to follow). The Villa was built in the first century AD for the Roman Emperor Tiberius, who sought a retreat well away from Rome, which held an ever present threat of assassination. A great way to return to Capri town is via the footpath to Villa Lysis, which offers some wonderful views of Capri’s spectacular coastline.

Gardens of Augustus

Gardens of Augustus

A short stroll south of Capri town lie the beautiful Gardens of Augustus - these consist of a whole number of beautifully planted terraces overlooking the Faraglioni to the one side and the Marina Piccola and Via Krupp to the other. The energetic can head down the Via Krupp to reach the marina and small beach far below.

Marina Grande Beach

Marina Grande Beach

The lovely (but pebbly) Marina Grande Beach is a 2 minute walk from Capri's main port. There’s a small beach bar next to the beach, offering drinks and refreshments.

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