Port of Departure  Los Angeles, California

Harbor Master's Building and Cruise Ship - Port of Los Angeles, San Pedro

Harbor Master's Building and Cruise Ship - Port of Los Angeles, San Pedro

Guide to the Cruise Ports of Los Angeles

The city of Los Angeles, otherwise named simply LA, is the biggest city in the state of California, and the second biggest city in the US. Situated on a extensive basin in Southerm California, the city is encircled by arid plains, large forests, vast mountain peaks and the blue Pacific Ocean.

Originally established in the early eighteenth century, LA began to grow about 100 years later due to the coming of the railroad, and expanded quickly throughout the next century. Today the city stretches from Los Angeles County, into San Bernardino County, Riverside County, Orange County and Ventura County. The 18 million people who call LA home originate from all over the world. LA has citizens of many origins, with an extensive Hispanic community, a major Asian community, and sizable communities of several other ethnic backgrounds.

LA is an important hub for retail, culture, global trade and business, but is most famous for being the center of the globe’s entertainment industry. The glitz of the Sunset Strip, Bel Air, Hollywood and Beverly Hills have added to LA’s allure, and has contributed to the area's phenomenal expansion.

The popularity of Los Angeles’s cruise terminals has increased dramatically over recent years, and today the number of cruises from Los Angeles on offer each year is well over three hundred. Routes available include trips to the Mexican Riviera and the Hawaiian islands. A cruise trip from LA makes an unforgettable vacation.

Los Angeles Cruise Ship Terminals

Los Angeles’s San Pedro bay contains 2 cruise ports, the World Cruise Center at the Port of Los Angeles (often named simply San Pedro), and 4 miles away to the east Long Beach Cruise Terminal by the Port of Long Beach. Ships dock at the Word Cruise Center, except most (but not all) Carnival-group ships which dock at Long Beach.

World Cruise Center Cruise Terminals
There are 2 cruise ship terminals at the World Cruise Center, Terminal 91-92 serving berths 91-92 (total length of dock 1550') and Terminal 93 for berth 93 (span of pier 1200'). Capacity is two to three large cruise ships.Each terminal has the basic services, including parking zones, cafes, cab ranks, bars, shopping and check in.

Long Beach Cruise Terminal
In 2003 Carnival Cruiselines jumped ship from the World Trade Center cruise port and built the Long Beach Cruise Terminal just five miles away. The cruise terminal is housed in the white dome that once was home to the Spruce Goose aeroplane, now located in Evergreen museum, Oregon. Long Beach cruise terminal has one 1100ft berth with the ability to handle one full size cruise ship. The cruise terminal possesses all of the usual facilities, including restaurants, shops, parking areas, cab ranks, bars and check in. Just by the cruise port lies the historic Queen Mary ocean liner.

cruises from los angeles

Cruises From Los Angeles

The favorite cruises from Los Angeles are sailings shadowing the western coast of Mexico. The shorter Baja California itineraries generally call at Catalina and Ensenada, whereas Mexican Riviera cruises call in at Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta and Cabo. More extended cruises on offer are journeys to the Hawaiian islands, and one-way trans Panama canal trips to the eastern seaboard of the US. In late spring a few cruises to Vancouver are available, as cruise ships reposition to prepare for the summer Alaska cruising season.

Out and About In San Pedro

Los Angeles Maritime Museum
Be introduced to the history of LA’s harbor at the Los Angeles Maritime Museum, situated in the old Municipal Ferry Terminal. Inspect numerous displays like machines, old maps, photos and models from historic ships and boats. Situated at Harbor and 6th around 1/2 mile south of the cruise port.

Ports O' Call
Planned to look like a New England seaside town, Ports O' Call makes a great stop. It has numerous restaurants, shops, bars and galleries, connected by winding paved streets. There’s a harbor providing short day boat trips such as day excursions to Catalina, tours around the bay and whale watching cruises. Ports O’Call is about a mile south of the cruise port.

Red Car Trolley Ride
The Red Car Line is a one and a half mile long vintage trolley line between the World Cruise Center and the Marina. The car has stops by Ports O' Call and the LA Maritime Museum. The Red Cars are fully restored to their previous glory, with elaborate polished fittings, wood paneled interiors and authentically upholstered seats.

Abalone Cove
Abalone Cove is a lovely beach, with superb views of Catalina island, fine coastline scenery and colorful sunsets. The next door bay, Sacred Cove makes an excellent place for rock pooling. Four miles west from San Pedro cruise port.

Out and About in Long Beach

Queen Mary
In 1936 Queen Mary began service for the famed Cunard Line and the liner continued sailing for 30 years, including a period of military service in WWII. The liner crossed the Atlantic more than a thousand times, setting speed records many times. In 1967 the liner came to Long Beach and to become part museum part hotel. Sited adjacent to the cruise port.

Aquarium of The Pacific and Shoreline Aquatic Park
Discover sunny California seas, the frigid habitat of the north Pacific and the amazing reefs of the tropical Pacific at this marvelous aquarium. Observe the ocean’s scariest predators in the huge Shark Lagoon. After your tour to the aquarium one idea is a walk through neighboring Shoreline Aquatic Park, an attractive green space overlooking the bay. Located across the water from the cruise port, taking 5 mins by cab.

The Canals of Naples
Naples possesses nearly a mile of canals, comprised of the straight Naples Canal and the larger circular Rivo Alto Canal. Hire a singing gondolier dressed in stripes to do the paddling. Gondolas for rent are on offer next to the Bayshore Aquatic Playground Park. Alternatively you can hire a kayak at the park, for a much lower price. Located about 2 miles east of the Long Beach cruise terminal.

Rancho Los Cerritos Ranch
Constructed in the mid 1800s, the adobe home and surrounds of Rancho Los Cerrotos Ranch echo with the rich tradition of a combination of American California, Spanish and Mexican origins. The rooms are authentically furnished to portray the work and leisure of both the owners and the workers of a traditional ranch. Located about 5 miles northwards of the Long Beach cruise port.

Traveling to Los Angeles’s Ports

The majority of passengers booked on cruises from Los Angeles travel by car to the cruise terminals, both of which have excellent road links.

San Pedro
By Car
Pick up the Harbor freeway (Interstate 110) in a southerly direction. Leave at CA47 and carry on through the Harbor Boulevard junction. Make a right to arrive at San Pedro World Cruise Center.
From the Airport
Board the supershuttle to the Word Cruise Center cruise port. Around a forty-five minute trip.

Long Beach
By Car
Journey southwards on the Long Beach Freeway (I710). Follow the signage leading to the Queen Mary. When you get there, watch for signs for the cruise terminal passenger parking and drop-off.
From the Airport
Board the supershuttle service to Long Beach cruise terminal. About an hour’s ride.

By Train
The nearest Amtrak station to the cruise terminals is in downtown LA, around twenty-five miles distant. When arranging your train ticket, select San Pedro-Catalina Terminal Bus Stop (SPD) or Long Beach Queen Mary (LBQ) as your termination. You will be carried by a coach from the station to the arranged bus station. The bus stations are a quick walk from the cruise terminals.

Cruise Port Map (click on image for larger image)

Los Angeles Cruise Port Map

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