Port of Departure  Bridgetown, Barbados

Aerial View of  Bridgetown Harbor

Aerial View of Bridgetown Harbor

Barbados - The Perfect Caribbean Island

Barbados has a wealth of natural beauty, attractions, and seemingly never-ending ribbons of white sand beaches, surely among the best in the Caribbean. The island's landscape varies from the hills and rough waves on the Atlantic east coast, to the flatter lands and gorgeous tranquil beaches on the west Caribbean coast.

In the 18 and early 19th centuries the island was operated as a sugar cane economy under British rule, and there are a few original sugar plantations renovated as museums showing the hardship of the slave workers working there.

Today the inhabitants of Barbados are called Bajans, and the ancestors of the old plantation economy rub shoulders in relative harmony ruled by a democratic government.

The country's main cruise port is at the capital Bridgetown, and is a popular base for cruise lines. Today the number of cruises from Barbados on offer each year is well over a hundred.

Barbados Cruise Ship Terminal

The Port of Bridgetown, also known as the Deep Water Harbour, was built in the early 1960s just a mile to the north of Bridgetown. In 2002 the main channel was deepened to allow bigger ships to dock. Since the dredging project the port has experienced strong growth both in goods and cruise ship volumes.

There are 4 deepwater quays suitable for larger cruise ships These can cater for up to 6 ships. They are the breakwater, the sugar berth, berths 2,3 and 4 and the Esso Jetty. Cruises from Barbados rarely use the Esso terminal, but is sometimes employed when the others quays are full.

Between the quays and the port entrance lies the new cruise terminal, opened in January 1994. It houses services for cruise passengers and crew members visiting the island. The cruise terminal contains the usual departments to manage cruise passengers, such as Immigration, Customs, Plant and Animal Quarantine, Health Center, Post Office and the Barbados Tourism Office. There are other useful facilities, including restaurants and bars, a business facility, and an internet cafe. The cruise terminal has a large amount of space filled by shops, with more than 20 duty free shops stocking lovely jewellery, attractive china, the latest in electronics, and local craft boutiques.

Cab services and car rentals are available for passengers just outside the terminal main entrance. As an alternative the adventurous can hike to Bridgetown's central bus station, the Fairchild Street Terminal, around 20 minutes by foot, to make the most of Barbados's efficient and low-priced bus system.

cruises from barbados

Cruises from Barbados

Thanks to its position in the center of the Southern Caribbean, out of the main hurricane zone, Barbados makes an excellent choice as a departure point.

Available cruises from Barbados include the Greater Antilles (Jamaica), the Windward Isles (Dominica, Martinique, St Lucia, St Vincent), the Leeward Isles(St Barts, St Martin, St Kitts, Nevis, Guadeloupe), the former Netherland Antilles off the north coast of Venezuela (Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire) or even the Brazilian Amazon.

Several major cruiselines operate cruises from Barbados, including Carnival, PO Cruises, Princess Cruises, Windstar Cruises, Fred Olsen lines and Silversea.

Things To Do Near Bridgetown Cruise Port

Broad Street
The main street of Bridgetown. It consists mainly of tax free outlets, banks, large department stores, and bars. A good detour is Swan Street which has many cheaper clothing shops

All Barbados beaches are open to the public. Simplest to reach are the beaches on the Gold Coast. Payne's bay is great for watersports. Next to Paynes bay lies Fresh Water Bay, with a beautiful threesome of beaches, Brandon's Beach, Paradise Beach and Brighton Beach

Mount Gay Rum Distillery and Banks Beer Tour
Get in the Spirit with a guided tour and tasting at Barbados's main rum distillery, then head over to the Banks Brewery to enjoy the island's favorite beer.

Travelling to Bridgetown Port from the Airport

Grantley Adams International Airport is 21 kilometres from the cruise terminal at Bridgetown port. The airport is flown to by airlines from Europe, North America and other islands in the Caribbean. The journey from airport to Bridgetown Port is easiest by cab, and takes around half-an-hour. The cost is around fifty Bds.

Other Information

The Barbadian dollar(Bbd) is fixed to the US dollar and a Barbadian dollar is always worth half a US dollar, with the rate being US$1 = Bbd $2.

Barbados' Official language is English, but Bajan (a local English-derived dialect, and largely difficult to understand) is often heard.

Cruise Port Map (click on image for larger image)

Bridgetown Cruise Port Map

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Cruisers' Comments

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